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At Argutari Pharma we have developed unique relationships to help tackle the needs of people suffering from HIV and Hepatitis C. We endeavor to break new ground with thorough healthcare and relief of symptoms for patients managing the HIV and hepatitis C viruses.

The hepatitis C virus, (HCV), was previously a hard-to-treat, chronic illness, however the supply of innovative therapies like direct-acting antivirals, (DAAs), that can virologically fight the condition in distinct genotypes, are having an effect on the way we have created and perfected treatment for chronic HCV patients.

It is believed that more than seventy million people are have contracted HCV globally. The documented occurrence of new infections is estimated at almost twenty-four cases per hundred thousand people every year. Since the disease regularly has no signs or symptoms, the true number of cases may well be a lot higher, which is why we've committed the level of research and development to our virology strategy as we have to be able to help anyone battling the virus.

These unique partnerships, together with our own in-depth scientific studies, have helped with the clinical research, which is today benefitting thousands of people battling with the HIV virus. Our dedication to aid those with the symptoms and the undoubted anguish that HIV causes is benefitting countless individuals globally.

The main advantages include improved appetite, respite from nausea, a decrease in stress and anxiety together with respite from persistent pain.

The positive effects that HIV sufferers benefit from are also being appreciated by other people who are not affected by the HIV virus, like sufferers of anorexia, anxiety, which includes post-traumatic stress disorder, and additional mental health conditions, also conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. Clinical research furthermore indicates that medical marijuana might reduce seizures in those with epilepsy, adding an additional reason why Argutari Pharma will continue with their IDRT strategy.

Our research, in addition to that involving partners, will not end here as we shall continuously endeavor to discover improved treatments and more solutions to virological conditions.