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Via thorough research and clinical studies Argutari Pharma is now leading authorities in discovering remedies for auto-immune diseases.

We target remedies and therapies that will strengthen the quality of healthcare for this generation and the next. We are continuously discovering unknown areas of treatment that can significantly help the patient.

We always drive our own creativity in our immunology pipeline as well as looking at numerous scientific strategies and examining innovative answers to help strengthen patient care over a number of autoimmune conditions with unmet needs. With over 6 years of expertise behind us, we have created exclusive systems to optimize therapeutics throughout immunology.

Together with a number of our associates, we helped establish an exclusive technological advanced system called dual variable domain-immunoglobulin, (DVD-Ig) that enables a single drug to block two targets. This is as opposed to a normal monoclonal antibody (mAb), which has one distinctive binding site with a solitary target to stop a diseases progression.

A DVD-Ig, utilizing an immunoglobulin spine, includes two pairs of unique binding domains able to bind to two distinct targets individually. Essentially, a DVD-Ig is able to engage two unique molecules.

Our study established that treating a solitary disease target, having a conventional mAb, can lead to specific constraints in the therapeutic profile regarding the immune-mediated inflammatory issues, as numerous conditions can contain numerous disease mediators. Such as, rheumatoid arthritis.