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Investor Program

Our Investor Program is crucial to our company’s long term success and we endeavor to establish long-lasting, mutually rewarding relationships with all investors, large or small.

As our market share increases, so does our investor base, and with this an increased obligation to ensure we operate with a clearly defined, yet ethical focus, whilst achieving profitable returns for our many investment partners and ourselves.

We are currently offering our shares to the general public as part of our pre initial public offering (IPO), institutional and entry-level investors will benefit from the full rewards of positioning their investment capital at the initial phase of our exciting and rewarding onward journey.

Please feel free to check out our press release page that features some of our most recent investment associated articles or use the form below should you have any questions regarding our Investor Program or to subscribe to our regular notifications.

Yours sincerely,

Ryan Braithwaite

Chief Investment Officer