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Cannabinoids (CBD)



  • Head of Department Pierre Ouellet Ph.D.
  • Category Research
  • Location QC, Canada


Our well-funded clinical research and development program researches Cannabinoids for use in medicine and is now at the forefront of research into Cannabinoids and their many benefits. We have successfully developed their use to treat numerous diseases as well as the controlling of the disease symptoms.

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that trigger the cannabinoid receptors located throughout the entire body. Phytocannabinoids are the natural types of these chemicals and are present in greatest levels within the female cannabis flowers - particularly, within the resin glands on the outside of the flower. There are at least eighty-five different acknowledged cannabinoids from a variety of cannabis strains.

Our studies have discovered that every one of these has a unique effect on the body's endocannabinoid system and it is these studies and resulting clinical evolution that now enables thousands of health professionals around the world to enable their patients to control their symptoms in a more effective approach than previously.

Some medical conditions and symptoms which are now benefitting from our scientific studies incorporate the decrease in vomiting and nausea throughout chemotherapy, improved appetite in those with HIV/AIDS, and diminished chronic pain and muscle spasms.

Our medical Cannabinoids may be administered using a number of means, such as tablets, lozenges, tinctures, skin patches, oral or skin sprays, cannabis edibles, in addition to the most common way of vaporizing or smoking dehydrated buds. Often the illness influences the most effective way to administer the Cannabinoids, occasionally it is as a result of patient’s individual choice. Our studies have identified the most effective method in obtaining the most help to the patient, which is the way we always recommend initially.

Irrespective of our achievements, we continue to research and create additional methods to administer and find symptom positives for patients.